Cylindrical Heating Systems

IMS Cylindrical Heating Systems provide a unique solution which is best utilized for the continuous thermal processing of pumpable heat and shear sensitive, high viscosity, and multiphase materials that demand precise temperature control.

Planar Heating Systems

IMS Planar Heating and Drying Systems can offer a better alternative to conventional, re-circulated hot air dryers due to the best-in-class uniformity, efficiency and thermal processing they demonstrate in many industrial processes.

Cylindrical Heating Systems

Although an IMS CHS can be used for many product and process applications, including heating, cooking/gelation, pasteurization and sterilization, its specific benefits and economic advantages are best achieved when applied to heat or shear sensitive, high viscosity and multi-phase fluids.

Planar Heating Systems

An IMS Planar Heating System has advantages over conventional dryers in two areas of their design that are intrinsically inefficient: (1) pre-heating a product to evaporative temperature, and (2) removing water from products with relatively low overall moisture content.



All systems are customized to meet specific customer requirements through our design, modeling, and engineering processes.

Research & Development

We provide research and development services to aid in the design for new-to-market, customer specific products.


In our test facilities, customers have the opportunity to conduct trials on their product to determine what microwave system is best suited to their needs. These capabilities include material modeling, vector network analysis, dielectric testing, accurate power measurement, fiber optic temperature measurement, infrared cameras, and data logging equipment.

System Controls Integration

Our control programming is able to meet customer required functions.


Our experts will install the finished product at the customer's facility.


Timely field service is provided to all customers, along with telephone and email support.


IMS is a subsidiary of Laitram, L.L.C., a privately held technology company headquartered in New Orleans, LA. Since acquisition in 2003, Laitram has enabled IMS to expand its business activities in a variety of industries, including chemicals, food processing, industrial products, nonwovens and textiles. For further details on Laitram, L.L.C., please visit its website at

IMS has located its Development and Product Test center in Morrisville, North Carolina, close to Raleigh Durham airport and the Research Triangle Park area. It is a leading designer of innovative, patented microwave systems for continuous flow manufacturing processes that require rapid and uniform heating and drying. IMS commercial operations are managed from Laitram’s corporate offices in New Orleans.