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Industrial Microwave Systems, Inc. (IMS)

Use of the batch microwave oven has gained acceptance in household kitchens worldwide due to its ability to heat food products rapidly, conveniently and economically in a compact space.  However, the primary drawback is its inability to heat materials in a predictable and uniform manner. This can produce hot spots that damage the item being heated and cold spots where the item may be under heated or under processed, thereby compromising product quality and repeatability.  Until now, this non-uniformity has been a major obstacle to the commercialization of continuous microwave heaters for many industrial applications. 

Industrial Microwave Systems, L.L.C. has four major competitive advantages to provide cost effective solutions that overcome the issues with commercial microwave systems, as well as the disadvantages that result with conventional hot surface heating and drying systems.

    • IMS has developed and patented designs for applying power to achieve rapid uniform microwave heating for continuous Planar (on a belt through a tunnel) and Cylindrical (pumpable fluids through a pipe) processes on a production scale.
    • Standard modularized system designs are available using either 915 or 2450 MHz. The optimum economic choice is determined by the customer’s equipment footprint and process specifications. Upon request, IMS can provide customized non-standard designs for specific process applications.
    • IMS uses state-of-the-art Microwave Studio computer simulations to optimize microwave system designs prior to product testing and manufacturing of the system.
    • With more than ten year’s experience of processing webs of fabric, sheets of paper, strands of foam, conveyed beds of material, pumpable chemicals, biomaterials, food products, etc., there is a high probability that IMS can immediately provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to your heating, drying, bonding, curing, reacting, cooking, pasteurizing, or sterilizing problem.
    • From this database, IMS has developed a portfolio of Economic Value Analyses that can be tailored to your specific application and process requirements.
    • If your product is new, IMS can offer a variety of options for its Development and Testing with both Planar and Cylindrical heating technologies.  In addition to computer model simulations, IMS can provide in-house product trials, technical support for third party test facilities and customer rental equipment.
    • Unique design technology and extensive applications knowledge have little technical or commercial value if they are not beneficial to and recognized by the industries and processors that use them.
    • IMS is fortunate to have been recognized for its contributions to the advancement of thermal process technology and its use for the production of new and improved products that were previously unobtainable.
    • For further details, see Third Party Awards.
    • Since 2003, IMS has been a subsidiary of Laitram, L.L.C, a privately held technology company headquartered in New Orleans, LA.  Laitram provides the commercial track record, credibility and financial support necessary for any long term business relationship.

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